Interior Services

Choose the package that best fits your needs

Basic Cleaning (1-2 hours) $100

Includes: Trash removal, all hard surfaces wiped down & sanitized, seats & carpets vacuumed, windows (including windshield & rear window) cleaned, floorboard mat cleaning, and basic hand wash service (see Exterior Services below for details)

Basic Detailing (2-3 hours) $150

Everything from the above basic cleaning +air vent cleaning, center console, doors, & dash cracks & crevasses light stain removal & pick cleaned,  and light stain removal for leather seats (if applicable).

Advanced Detailing (2-3+ hours) $200(+)

Everything from the above basic detailing +heat extraction/heavy stain removal from cloth seats and/or carpets, bio hazard clean-up and sanitization.

Exterior Services

Choose the package that best fits your needs

Basic Hand Wash (1 hour) $75

Includes: Rim & tire cleaning, bug & tar removal, pre-wash foam decontamination bath, hand wash using the 2-bucket + multiple mitts method, and hand drying of your vehicle using the industry's best drying towels providing zero water spots from the wash & zero streaking on windows.

Paint Correction (Time varies)

Everything from the above wash & wax + manual paint correction to remove minor to moderate scratches. Price varies depending on the scope of work requested.

Wash & Wax (2 hours) $125

Everything from the above basic hand wash + hand wax application.

Ceramic/Graphene Coating Installation (6-8 hours)

Includes: Full exterior decontamination via basic hand wash (see above) + special decontamination bathing process involving iron removal foam bath, clay bar application, paint correction, polishing, and ceramic coating installation.

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